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Treatment Preparation

Pest management treatments are most effective when applied to a clean and clutter-free environment. This is why it is is important for the client to prepare their home prior to treatment, using the instructions below. 

  • Can I rid my house of pests myself?
    There are many methods you can use to lower or eliminate pests. The basics of any pest control starts with eliminating conditions conducive to pest infestation and improve sanitation. This will often help the situation, but there are times when a pest management professional is needed.
  • Are chemicals the only solution to my pest problem? Are there health risks?
    Chemicals are very rarely the only solution and can pose a health risk if not used properly. This is why it is important to deal with licensed, qualified professionals. Pesticide may be a part of the solution, but the objective is to gain control with the minimum risk or hazard to the clients and the environment. (See Toxicity Information under our Product Information tab above.)
  • Are the treatments harmful to my children or pets?
    All products used in our treatments are EPA registered, and are used according to the label. Furthermore, all products selected by our company, fall into the caution category, which is the EPA’s lowest risk category.
  • How soon can you begin treating my house?
    Most of the time we can have a technician out to your home or business within 24-48 hours or sooner.
  • How to prepare for the technician?
    For exterior treatment be sure to close all windows, shut off air conditioner units, pick up all personal belongings on the outside of the house/apartment (i.e. bicycles, lawn chairs, toy’s…) and grills should be covered or moved out of the treatment area. Edible plants should be covered and/or moved inside along with any pet dishes. For interior treatment, your technician will give you specific instructions.
  • Will my family have to leave home during the treatment?
    For exterior treatments, no. For most interior treatments, yes, but it depends on the treatment needed.
  • How long will the service take?
    The length of service will vary depending on the pest and the level of infestation, but typically the service takes 45 minutes to one hour.
  • Will my house smell after the treatment?
    Most cases there is little to no smell associated with our service.
  • When can I expect to see results?
    Typically we ask that you give the treatment 14-21 day for most insects, but there are some situations where the results may be immediate.
  • Will you have to come more than once?
    It depends on the pest we are dealing with as well the level infestation.
  • Do you guarantee your work?
    We believe that quality counts. Therefore, we guarantee most programs.
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