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Crawl Space






A rodent treatment provides control of rodents inside the home using professional rodenticides. The bait is concealed in small tamper-resistant containers, and placed throughout the home with special attention to areas where rodents are most active, including attics and basement/crawl spaces.

Rodent Treatment

An interior treatment provides control of insects inside your home using a very small amount of product. The product is applied according to label directions in the areas of the home where the pest is most prevalent. These areas include, but are not limited to, baseboards, ceiling corners, and around windows and doors.

Interior Treatment

A residual treatment provides protection to the entire structure and is our most common application. The product is applied to the entire exterior, with a focus on the peaks and around doors and windows.

Residual Treatment

A perimeter treatment creates a barrier around the home to prevent crawling insects, such as ants, from infesting the structure. The product is applied at the foundation three feet up, as well as ten feet out on the lawn.

Perimeter Treatment

A green treatment provides protection to the entire structure using an essential oil-based product that is safe to use over water. Although effective, it has a low residual and monthly treatments are recommended.

"Green" Treatment


Treatment Information

All Pest is always researching the latest techniques while still employing the methods proven to be most effective in the pest management industry. 


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